Service Clients Of All Ages

We provide services for/to clients of all ages from birth to elderly. You do not require a referral to attend the clinic, however, current and relevant reports/letters/correspondence can be very beneficial. Please bring or email any documents you think might be relevant.


BG Speech Pathology completes assessments and provides evidence-based therapy for individuals with NDIS plans. We offer clinic, school or home visits.

Autism Assessments

BG Speech Pathology complete comprehensive language and pragmatic language assessments for individuals being assessed for ASD. We can work collaboratively with your Paediatrician, education setting and/or allied health team members, when completing our part of your child’s multidisciplinary assessment.

School And Kindergarten Visits

BG Speech Pathology can complete school and kindergarten visits to provide therapy and/or observe your child in different settings.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Communication impairments are one of the core distinguishing features of autism spectrum disorder and can severely impact how a person interacts with the world. Speech and language therapy can be used throughout life. All aspects of communication can be addressed through speech therapy sessions including receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language, literacy and/or articulation. We tailor an individual intervention plan specifically to address client needs. Home and/or school programs can be provided and our team work collaboratively with school support staff to maximise client outcomes.

Literacy Intervention

BG Speech Pathology provides programs and interventions for systematic, explicit phonics-based programs. Our evidence-based approach can help your child to develop reading, writing, spelling and phonics which provides them with the tools to succeed in the classroom.

Pragmatic Language Intervention

BG Speech Pathology provide evidence-based therapy for pragmatic language. Group work may also be offered to consolidate social communication skills. Learning social skills is essential for all ages, and we tailor our treatment and therapy to each individual client to ensure that you get the exact help you need to be a more confident communicator.

Articulation Therapy

BG Speech Pathology provides evidence-based programs targeting your child’s individual needs. We will also provide a home and/or school/kinder program if required, as improvement is maximized by frequent practice and reinforcement. If your child doesn’t speak clearly, they may benefit from articulation therapy. By the age of 3, most of a child’s speech should be understood by close family and friends.

Language Therapy

BG Speech Pathology provide programs focussing on expressive (use of words) and receptive language (understanding). Early intervention is key when working with children with language delays, you don’t need “wait and see.” Children, adolescents and adults can experience language difficulties at any age, which can impact learning, concept of self, behaviour and ability to interact with others.


Stuttering is a disorder that effects the natural fluency of speech. A stutter can present in many ways (e.g. repeating words, sounds or syllables). Although some children will recover naturally from a stutter, it is important to commence therapy prior to your child starting school.


BG Speech Pathology provides assessment and intervention for individuals with voice disorders. A voice disorder occurs when voice quality, pitch, and loudness differ or are inappropriate for an individual’s age, gender or cultural background. We can treat your


At BG Speech Pathology we assess the feeding and/or swallowing skills of clients from birth to the elderly. Swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) is any problem with sucking, swallowing, drinking, chewing, eating, controlling saliva, taking medication, or protecting the lungs from food and drink ‘going the wrong way’. It can be a problem with keeping the lips closed so that food, liquid or saliva doesn’t dribble out.

Sometimes, the first sign of a swallowing problem is coughing, gagging or choking when eating and drinking. Swallowing problems can mean food, drinks or saliva gets into the lungs and this can cause lung infections (pneumonia).

Following assessment we may devise a safe swallowing plan, provide recommendations for what to eat and drink and/or provide exercises to strengthen muscles.

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